The Espace Dali is the only museum in France dedicated to the artist Salvador Dali

The Espace Dali museum is a museum dedicated to showing and featuring art works and sculptures of the well known surrealist artist Salvador Dali, and the only art exhibition dedicated to the artist in France.

The artist himself, Salvador Dali had a very controversial personality, although he was someone who was also extraordinary. He was born in Catalonia Spain, yet spent time in both Paris and the United States before returning to his home town of Figueres.

The museum is on a reasonably small scale, but not to be over looked with a variety of unusual lighting, black walls and other things, which create an unusual atmosphere and give a great view into the works and life of the surrealist artist.

With all various types of art there is bound to be something to capture the attention of anyone who goes there, from the bizarre to the fantastic works which include and cover topics from religion, science and more, the museum can show most, allowing you to see some of the works from the famous artist Salvador Dali.

The Espace Dali museum holds many of the original sculptures produced by the artist, and being the only place in France dedicated to the artist it can also boast that is has the largest collection of works done by the artist in the world.

The museum may not be as well known or as large as others, but it can be a very welcoming and a pleasant escape from the crowds of Montmartre, which is where you will find the Espace Dali in the 18th Arrondissement. And also with over 300 different pieces of art varying from sculptures, graphics, furniture, glass works and much more it’s sure to give a different atmosphere.

On top of that, it is also friendly for all ages, and even for younger children who may be able to recognise some of original sculptures and engravings Salvador Dali made for an illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland. And if you have even a vague idea of the artist you can find some of his more well known works and the reoccurring themes such as melting clocks and pocket watches.

There is also a gift shop you can take advantage of at this museum in Paris, with many different things to purchase such as posters, books, lithographs and even perfume so you can show something for taking a visit to the museum and for memories of your holiday in Paris.

The Espace Dali museum is open all year round from 10am right through to 6pm, and in July and August it is open even longer until 8pm.

There is also an option to buy an audio guide for a cost of €3 and this is available in French, Spanish and English, also not forgetting you can pre-book guided visits in English for up to 30 people.

There are numerous ways to access the museum, including taking the tube, the Montmartrobus and even the Funicular, which is a cable car, to bypass the many steps up a steep hill to the top.

Also not forgetting that if you have some extra time, this museum is also near to some other tourist attractions in Paris that are located within the Montmartre area such as the Sacre Coeur Basilica. You can also discover the Place du Tertre, which is a popular square in Paris where you can discover different artists selling their works or even have your portrait done. Yet there is also the Espace Dali Gallery, which offers you a unique collection filled with limited edition sculptures and engravings that you can buy produced as copies from the original works of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali.


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