Varied locks on the Pont des Arts bridge

Here you can see some of the locks on the Pont des Arts bridge – which is now the centre of discussion and some parts along the bridge are now replaced with transparent panels to restrict the amount of locks and prevent damage to the bridge.

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Varied locks on the Pont des Arts bridge


4 thoughts on “Varied locks on the Pont des Arts bridge”

  1. Hmmm…interesting pic. I have seen this in Paris and also in Dublin. I have to admit to being one of those who thinks this practice should stop. It seems like it causes damage to the bridges, adds trash and toxins to the water where they throw the keys, and proliferates even more annoying hawkers of “tourist junk”, not to mention the cost to the cities to remove them periodically and dredge the rivers to remove the keys. I for one would prefer to see these bridges as the architects intended them. There are far more romantic things to do in Paris than this…

    1. It’s a very controversial point, but both sides have valid answers. As for the Pont des Arts they have begun to place panels over which restrict the attaching of locks for that very reason.

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