Sunday Teaser

This week’s Sunday Teaser – Tell us what you think it might be in the comments – You’ll earn a shoutout if you have the correct answer! Come back Monday to see the full image and place.

paris_city_life_m15_DSC09943 s


8 thoughts on “Sunday Teaser”

  1. I think you are teasing me because I’m not going to Paris this June. I’m only going to the Cote d’Azur and you know that I love Paris to the point I want to move there……….Keep teasing!

    1. It seems I made a slight technical error with the teaser this week and shared the wrong photo. Although you are correct, but I do also apologise for the mix-up!

    1. Indeed you are correct! Sadly it seems I shared the wrong photo and it completely passed by me, so I’m afraid it wasn’t the intended answer. I apologise there for the mix-up but congrats none the less!

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