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The Notre Dame

All of us from the EUtouring Team watched as the Notre Dame was on fire, speechless to what to say or think, on such an iconic and beautiful place being ablaze.

We are all very glad to hear that the location is now under control, with plans to bring it up to it’s former state and rebuild what has been lost.

A big thanks to the firefighters, those who risked their lives to recover the artworks, crown of thorns and other artifacts within the cathedral, and we wish a speedy recovery to the fire fighter that was injured.

– EUtouring Team

We’ll be back into action soon

Sorry for some radio silence from us. The whole EUtouring Team are working on a new and improved website with better features and navigation to get the most out of our information.

Doing this has made us a bit silent but we are getting close and we’ll be back soon – we’ll let you know when we have a new reveal to share!