Reflective Geode cinema

Thank you all for being patient while I was taking more photographs, back to normal as we start it back off with The Geode cinema within Parc de la Villette – one of the largest movie screens in the world within unique reflective architecture.

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Cannon and entrance of Les Invalides

The answer to our Sunday Teaser featured one of the cannons at Les Invalides, placed within the gardens with a view to the main entrance.

Congratulations to who is ms eve? and nataliescarberry who both recognised the correct location!

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les_invalides_m13_DSC05661 s.JPG

View from Place Saint Michel

The answer to our Sunday Teaser was a view looking over Place Saint Michel towards La Conciergerie and the spire of Saint Chapelle seen above.

Congratulations to both who is ms eve? and nataliescarberry who guessed perfectly and correctly!

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place_saint_michel_b13_DSC00710 s