Local street artists in Paris

Along the streets of Paris you can find street artists, showing and displaying their talents for people to admire and purchase their incredible skills.

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Confidence – aka Love seat

Created in 1999 by Daniel Dezeuz this is known by two names – Confidence and Love Seat, based on the idea that two lovers could sit apart, yet still close and enclosed by the higher surrounding walls.

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Artists work along the Pont des Arts

Artists work along the Pont des Arts

Here you can see some of the art created by a street artist who was sitting at the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, the work being on display over some of the love locks, a perfect way to find unique yet amazing art to buy.

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Ornate lampposts at Pont Alexandre III

Ornate lampposts at Pont Alexandre III

This photo shows one of the very impressive lamp posts you can find on the Pont Alexandre III bridge, created by the sculptor H Gauquic who made it to show cupids and sea monsters to surround the candelabra lamp post.

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