How to get to Disneyland Paris

With this page from the EUtouring Team, you can learn how to get to Disneyland Paris, with over 30 different options and information!

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Paris bus changes

We would like to let everyone know that the Central Paris Bus Lines have recently changed.

Main RATP central Paris Bus Lines no longer running:
53 – Now part of lines 20 and 94
65 – Now part of lines 38 and 91
81 – Integrated with line 21
Montmartrobus – Replaced by Line 40 and extended

New Main RATP Central Paris Bus Lines:
25, 45, 59, 71, 77, 528, PC

There are also over 40 different Central Paris Bus Lines that have been modified, whether it be the route or certain bus stops such as line 30, 350, etc.

To discover the new map of Central Paris Bus Lines, updated with all the new changes please go to:

And here you can also see individual lines with timetables as well.