The Lido Cabaret Venue in Paris with its impressive sets and dinner shows

The Lido is a cabaret venue in Paris which provides entertainment dinner shows, an ice rink, pool, amazing scenes, the famous Bluebell Girls, water features and much more to enjoy any type of evening.

One of the revues hosted at The Lido is the Revue Bonhour which is more than just the ordinary show, allowing you to see many different scenes and emotions sure to keep you entertained during an evening.

And from one extreme to the other The Lido has it, with many special effects to hand, 23 different sets to utilise including a 5 metre tall Indian temple, 90 different spotlights for the acts, 80 thousand litres of water for the pool and the amazing amount of electricity they use for other such lighting which can amount to over 20,000 watts of usage!

For the Revue Bonhour alone there are over 70 different artists which go on stage, where The Lido also called for assistance from some of the best costume designers and best names in haute couture. Featuring many amazing amounts of luxury with over 600 costumes and over 500 pairs of custom made shoes. Additionally with an even more amazing need of over 150,000 pearls, 60,000 crystals, 150,000 sequins just for the stage jewellery!

From 7pm to 11pm you can have an amazing evening with a meal which has an orchestra playing or dancers on stage while you eat before 9pm where the lights dim ready for the show, which has become one of the most popular places for entertainment in Paris.

They allow two different options for the dinner, with one with a fixed menu and a slight increase in cost for those to have an option between courses which is a three course meal along with a half bottle of champagne or whine.

Some of the French cuisine served varies from smoked salmon, wasabi, green cabbage followed by roast pumpkin and grapes, fried duckling fillet and desserts consisting of hazelnut eclairs with caramel shards. Although if you are wishing for a more extravagant choice and menu for a bit more you can take a look at options such as lobster broth with tarragon and whipped cream, next with roasted veal, mashed vitelotte, spinach and crispy potato chips, then for dessert you can have the house speciality.

Although if you want more of the Ultimate evening at The Lido you can take the Service Premier which gives you a personalised welcome, a free cloakroom pass and have an aperitif served at the bar or table. As well as having one of the best tables within this cabaret venue in Paris to enjoy the show with the best views, but that’s not all, you can also get privileged service, water, coffee and champagne, a programme as well as a splendid five course meal.

Although another option at this tourist attractions in Paris is to take a visit to The Lido on a Tuesday or Sunday at lunch to take advantage of the revue which starts at 1pm with a show at 3pm.

Of course if you wish to visit the cabaret without having a meal you can choose to watch the show and enjoy the atmosphere with just a champagne and programme, or if you prefer, just have a drink or nothing at all, which is more suitable for those with a budget.

Although if you want something completely different you can take advantage of a guided tour of The Lido, which lasts 90 minutes and it even takes you around backstage to finish with a dinner revue.

The guided tour is every Friday at 4pm and takes you around to the various rooms and scenes so you can learn more about The Lidos history, be amazed at the fantastic work put into the sets, stage management and technical teams as well dressing assistants and more.

After the tour you can opt in for a champagne and revue or perhaps a whole dinner show experience depending on what you want. Although they do have to be booked in advance.

Although to gain access to the venue, which is located on the famous Avenue des Champs Elysees, you will have to make sure you are in formal wear and such things as shorts or sports clothing will not allow you access, but even so a jacket and tie is not needed but is appreciated and children over the age of four are welcome.

Also taking any kind of photos or filming or similar things are strictly prohibited, but you can purchase a programme so you can remember your experience.

But no matter if you choose to go for a full dinner or just want to visit this tourist attraction in Paris you are sure to enjoy yourself and the amazing show and food they supply while on holiday in Paris.

The Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris with its windmill and famous cancan girls

The Moulin Rouge is another famous and well known icon within Paris where many will know of it from being the origin of the French Cancan in this cabaret venue, where over 100 years it is still visited from tourists from all around the world wishing to visit and have an experience.

The history of this spectacular tourist attractions in Paris in itself is interesting in how it has played host to many famous celebrities including that of Elton John, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and more, but also helped with the introducing of the French Cancan as well as helping upcoming artists reach popularity.

Additionally the Moulin Rouge has also featured as a title of a book by Pierre La Mure, which was later made into a film in 1952 named Moulin Rouge, staring Zsa-Zsa Gabor and Jose Ferrer, yet in 2001 there was another movie made, this time with the name of Moulin Rouge! which included the actors Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. There have also been many drawings, paintings and posters made by the famous artist Toulouse-Lautrec who was seen frequently at this cabaret.

The cabaret in Paris isn’t hard to miss, featuring a large red windmill outside which used to be a prominent feature within the Montmarte area that used to be filled with many mills, yet today only a couple remain in existence.

Although the outside may look a little towards the old side with the windmill, when you walk in you can take a look at some of the Belle Epoque era art which covers the walls from mural paintings, original posters, Morris columns and more. And each small table is equipped with a soft red lamp that helps create a very warm and inviting atmosphere.

The revues, also known as shows, are still as breathtaking as they were years ago, with perfected choreography and acts, which all begin with the letter F which was a superstition back from the 1960’s where the Revue must begin with this letter, which is another amazing fact from the history of the Moulin Rouge.

This tourist attraction has stayed popular for over a century thanks to the variety it offers from dance to music, including acts from mime, singers and right through to acrobats, it is something for a completely unusual evening while on holiday in Paris.

And yet the cabaret venue still keeps true to its roots, with a dinner show which was firstly envisioned in the mid 1950’s and is still run by Dalloyou even today.

The last revue was held in 2012 and called Feerie, having a list of 80 artists as well as international acts, world known juggler and 60 girls, as well as everything being performed to original music made by 80 musicians and 60 chorus singers.

And yet that is not all, the costumes also play a major roll. With over 1000 different costumes featuring everything from rhinestones and sequins to feathers which were produced by the top Paris workshops as well as incredible sets which were made by Italian artists.

On top of all of that, the newest revues have recently gained the famous aquarium as well, which was the original idea of Jacki Clerico who had it constructed back in the 1950’s again.

One great thing is that even if this show in Paris is primarily in French it doesn’t take away from the breathtaking performance even if you cannot understand any of the songs, they can still sound amazing.

To see the revue you can go and see the show just by itself at either 9pm of 11pm at 95€ per person, and for another ten Euros you can also enjoy a glass of champagne or another choice of drink.

There is additionally a dinner show option where you can enjoy a three course meal at 7pm which is followed by the show at the 9pm showing. And obviously there are different meal options to pick from including a vegetarian and vegan. Which is either €175 or €200 depending which you chose, as well as half a bottle of champagne as of 2012.

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed but any under the age of 12 are allowed in for €50, and for a dinner cost with a soft drink at either €120 or €145

On top of those options the Moulin Rouge cabaret venue in Paris offers matinees on specific dates to watching the Show Feerie which starts at 2:45pm which includes half a bottle of champagne for €105. Or if you prefer you can have a set three course meal which begins at 1pm until 4:45pm at a cost of €145 as of 2012.

Of course not forgetting they also have special menus for certain times of the year such as for Christmas and more, but booking and checking pricing is always advised as it can vary greatly.

For this reason it makes the Moulin Rouge a fantastic tourist attraction in Paris to visit and enjoy a meal with a whole array of acts and performances in a great setting to enjoy while on holiday in Paris.