Detailed golden details on crest

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A beautiful detailed golden crest that stands above the entrance to Les Invalides in Paris.

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Detail of the Arc de Triomphe

The Arc de Triomphe is a popular attraction but even so the finer details of the structure can be missed by some, such as in the higher corners.

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The back of the Notre Dame de Paris

The answer to our Sunday Teaser was showing the southern end of the Notre Dame de Paris, with a lot of gothic architecture to admire on this cathedral.

Sadly no one took a guess this week but better luck for next time!

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One of four Pegasus held by Fame statues on Pont Alexandre III

The answer to out Sunday Teaser was one of the four Golden statues of Pegasus and Fame found on the Pont Alexandre III, this one specifically known as Renommee des Arts.

Congratulations to nataliescarberry for gaining the correct answer!

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