Happy Holidays

To all who have celebrated, and will be celebrating, happy holidays from the EUtouring Team. We wish everyone a good time and to stay safe and well during this season.


Eiffel Tower re-opens

As Paris opens up a bit more, the Eiffel Tower is set to see its first visitors again from tomorrow.
Access via stairs, and in a weeks’ time the lift access will be allowed too.

Please keep in mind it is compulsory to use face masks and maintain social distancing.

If you are not one of the lucky first few to visit this landmark on re-open date, take a look atour photos to fill the gap!


Weekly feature: The Eiffel Tower

Here we are with a new feature, each week we’ll try to highlight an amazing place in Paris, from the well known to the hidden gems of the city. First off, unsurprisingly (!) we have the Eiffel Tower, the best known landmark, but only up close can you appreciate the sheer size of the structure. Lifts up and viewing decks even at the very top to give even better views of the city. www.eutouring.com/images_eiffel_tower.html