Pillars of the Wall for Peace

Multiple pillars which are part of the Wall for Peace, with the word “peace” written in many different languages.

Unfortunately no one took a guess before but better luck for next week!

See more Paris photos at www.eutouring.com/images_wall_for_peace.html

wall_for_peace_m13_DSC05494 s.JPG



Modern memorial near to the Eiffel

The answer for our Sunday Teaser was a modern monument “Memorial National de la Guerre d’Algerie” near to the Eiffel Tower, in memory of those who fought in the Algerian war and in Morocco and Tunisia.

No one had a guess this week but better luck for next time!

Learn more; www.eutouring.com/images_memorial_national_de_la_guerre_d_algerie.html

memorial_national_de_la_guerre_d_algerie_m13_DSC06252 s.JPG