Side and architecture of La Grande Halle

The side of La Grande Halle, with architectural features and glass panels.

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The Lido Cabaret Venue in Paris with its impressive sets and dinner shows

The Lido is a cabaret venue in Paris which provides entertainment dinner shows, an ice rink, pool, amazing scenes, the famous Bluebell Girls, water features and much more to enjoy any type of evening.

One of the revues hosted at The Lido is the Revue Bonhour which is more than just the ordinary show, allowing you to see many different scenes and emotions sure to keep you entertained during an evening.

And from one extreme to the other The Lido has it, with many special effects to hand, 23 different sets to utilise including a 5 metre tall Indian temple, 90 different spotlights for the acts, 80 thousand litres of water for the pool and the amazing amount of electricity they use for other such lighting which can amount to over 20,000 watts of usage!

For the Revue Bonhour alone there are over 70 different artists which go on stage, where The Lido also called for assistance from some of the best costume designers and best names in haute couture. Featuring many amazing amounts of luxury with over 600 costumes and over 500 pairs of custom made shoes. Additionally with an even more amazing need of over 150,000 pearls, 60,000 crystals, 150,000 sequins just for the stage jewellery!

From 7pm to 11pm you can have an amazing evening with a meal which has an orchestra playing or dancers on stage while you eat before 9pm where the lights dim ready for the show, which has become one of the most popular places for entertainment in Paris.

They allow two different options for the dinner, with one with a fixed menu and a slight increase in cost for those to have an option between courses which is a three course meal along with a half bottle of champagne or whine.

Some of the French cuisine served varies from smoked salmon, wasabi, green cabbage followed by roast pumpkin and grapes, fried duckling fillet and desserts consisting of hazelnut eclairs with caramel shards. Although if you are wishing for a more extravagant choice and menu for a bit more you can take a look at options such as lobster broth with tarragon and whipped cream, next with roasted veal, mashed vitelotte, spinach and crispy potato chips, then for dessert you can have the house speciality.

Although if you want more of the Ultimate evening at The Lido you can take the Service Premier which gives you a personalised welcome, a free cloakroom pass and have an aperitif served at the bar or table. As well as having one of the best tables within this cabaret venue in Paris to enjoy the show with the best views, but that’s not all, you can also get privileged service, water, coffee and champagne, a programme as well as a splendid five course meal.

Although another option at this tourist attractions in Paris is to take a visit to The Lido on a Tuesday or Sunday at lunch to take advantage of the revue which starts at 1pm with a show at 3pm.

Of course if you wish to visit the cabaret without having a meal you can choose to watch the show and enjoy the atmosphere with just a champagne and programme, or if you prefer, just have a drink or nothing at all, which is more suitable for those with a budget.

Although if you want something completely different you can take advantage of a guided tour of The Lido, which lasts 90 minutes and it even takes you around backstage to finish with a dinner revue.

The guided tour is every Friday at 4pm and takes you around to the various rooms and scenes so you can learn more about The Lidos history, be amazed at the fantastic work put into the sets, stage management and technical teams as well dressing assistants and more.

After the tour you can opt in for a champagne and revue or perhaps a whole dinner show experience depending on what you want. Although they do have to be booked in advance.

Although to gain access to the venue, which is located on the famous Avenue des Champs Elysees, you will have to make sure you are in formal wear and such things as shorts or sports clothing will not allow you access, but even so a jacket and tie is not needed but is appreciated and children over the age of four are welcome.

Also taking any kind of photos or filming or similar things are strictly prohibited, but you can purchase a programme so you can remember your experience.

But no matter if you choose to go for a full dinner or just want to visit this tourist attraction in Paris you are sure to enjoy yourself and the amazing show and food they supply while on holiday in Paris.

Ideas and tourist attractions to visit for a memorable holiday in Paris

Taking a holiday in Paris is both popular and amazing but not surprisingly, with over 30 million tourists yearly and with a full array of culture, entertainment, history and all of the spectacular monuments in Paris, the city also being known as The City of Lights, there is something to suit everyone’s interest from all around the world.

For this reason Paris is a great place to experience a special occasion form anything such as a birthday right through to an engagement or a romantic getaway. And even better, if you do not have the time to plan there are companies which offer specially made packages for you, even ranging to having a wedding in Paris.

But even with those, the city can also be great for all ages, meaning it can be perfect for a family holiday in Paris, with varying hotels in Paris, and even campsites which can have many numerous activities on them also within the Ile de France region meaning it can be suitable for children of any age.

Also there are very many tourist attractions in Paris such as the chateaux, to name a few include Varsailles, Thoiry and Chantilly, as well as the more well known theme parks like Disneyland Paris and Park Asterix.

But focusing back on Paris, lets point out just some of the fantastic reasons this capital is an international location for holidays and more.

To begin, there are many amazing and thought provoking landmarks in Paris which can catch your attention. And obviously the most well known one would be the Eiffel Tower which is now the icon of Paris, and even more extravagant up close and personal, but you can’t forget the fantastic lights which illuminate the landmark at night. Although for a more romantic break you can take a trip to the champagne bar or a meal at the Jules Verne restaurant which are within the Eiffel Tower itself. But if that is not your plan, you can also find out more about the history of the landmark, or even take advantage of some of the special events they hold, such as an ice skating rink which is set up in winter.

Other well known monuments and landmarks in Paris cover from the Arc de Triomphe which holds the eternal flame and the tomb of the unknown soldier, being the second largest triumphal arch in the world, which honours the people who fought for France, along with the more modern and recent Grand Arche within the business district which is more cube-like and is made from glass and marble, which also provides great views and an exhibition centre at the roof.

In addition you also have the Notre Dame Cathedral which is along the River Seine with an impressive Gothic architecture, gargoyles, the tour of the tower with its bells, stained glass windows and even the flying buttress supports which was one of the first buildings to ever use this type of design.

With the theme of religious buildings you have the spectacular Sacre Coeur Basilica which is a place located at the highest point in the city, but there is a funicular, or cable car if you wish to call it that, so you can get there without the long walk to the top. There is also the Grand Mosquee which is both the first and largest mosque built in France, it was in fact constructed in commemoration for those who fought in the Battle of Verdun during World War I.

Or if you rather you can take a trip to the Place de la Concorde which is the largest square in Paris but also is home to the oldest monument within Paris known as the Luxor Obelisk, and even if it did not originate from Paris this tourist attraction is now over 3000 years old!

Not forgetting the many other monuments and attractions to see and visit around the city while on holiday in Paris, including Les Invalides with Napoleon’s tomb and the Conciergerie which was the oldest palace in Paris which turned to a prison, and the Pantheon which is now a famous burial place.

Not forgetting the Catacombes which is another famous burial place with subterranean tunnels beneath the city along with Pere Lechaise cemetery where many famous people have been buried such as Edith Piaf and Honore Balzac which you can visit for something more unusual to experience.

Although if you want something more light hearted you can easily take a walk along the Champs Elysees which is most likely the most famous avenue within the world where you can find along the beautifully tree lined avenue, shops, cafes and more no matter what time of year you visit, especially during the festive season where you can find the avenue lit up with various decorations and lights.

Another option is if you want to take a cruise along the River Seine which goes through Paris where you can find guided tours and even romantic dinners on the traditional Bateau Mouches. Which also offers you to find and see many famous tourist attractions from a completely different perspective.

Not forgetting the Bastille Square which is known for the storming of the Bastille with another monument in Paris to commemorate the Revolution of France, but also here you can find an opera house and a part of Canal Saint Martin. And not too far from the square you can find there is a pleasure boat marina, which is another great way to spend a relaxing time while on holiday.

On the note of water then Aquaboulvard cannot be forgotten, being the largest water park in Europe with a design of tropical surroundings, wave pools, Jacuzzis, flumes and much more from cinemas, sports training facilities, restaurants and much more for everyone to enjoy.

Another incredible tourist attraction is Cite de Sciences which offers many activities from the planetarium, interactive displays, a techno area designed for teenagers, simulators, the Geode which is a 1000m screen to watch and view many things to the decommissioned submarine named the Argonaute which is outside for you to explore, to make an enjoyable trip for all ages.

Another way to see many more things around Paris is taking a tour on the l’Open Tour which is a fantastic way of seeing many tourist attractions around Paris that you may not have the time, or even know they are there! With additional headphones which the tour busses provide free to give commentary in an array of languages, means you can learn even more while travelling through, even if you are on a tight schedule.

Additionally, you cannot forget just some of the museums which are well known, and sometimes not so well known throughout Paris, with a whole variety of subjects there is something for anyone to enjoy.

To start off with the museums, one of the more famous ones would be The Louvre Museum which is best known for holding the Mona Lisa paining along with well known artists like Picasso, Raphael and more.

The Musee d’Orsay which follows on from where The Louvre stops is another impressive museum in Paris, but if you are into more modern sculptures and art perhaps the Pompidou Centre is more fitting to your tastes. But there are also many houses and mansions which have been changed into museums, including but not limited to the Maison de Balzac, the Victor Hugo museum, or Musee Cernuschi which holds Chinese and Japanese art.

Although if you are more to prefer finding about the history of Paris, then going to the Carnavalet museum is a must. Or if you love the architecture of Paris then there is also a museum for just that, although for something completely different, there is a museum dedicated to the Paris sewer system called Musee des Egouts.

And to continue with the theme of unusual things you can visit there is also a perfume museum, a doll museum called the Musee de la Poupee as well as a counterfeit museum to display well made copies called the Musee Contrefacon but also not forgetting others like the Musee du Vin which is dedicated to French wines which is another thing France is famous for.

But while on holiday in Paris there is more than just museums and monuments, as you can take discover some of the entertainment and music which you can find around no matter what time of year it is.

If you wish you can find and see some ballet or an opera show at the Opera Garnier, or if you prefer different cabaret shows and places such as Paradis Latin which is one of the oldest cabarets in the world, The Lido or the famous Moulin Rouge.

For something completely unusual you can head towards the Lady of Canton Chinese Junk which has entertainment ranging from children’s shows, DJ nights, evening music as well as themed nights such as blues, jazz etc. Another music venue which is on a boat permanently moored along the River Seine is the Batofar where you can discover internationally recognised DJs playing there.

If you feel a bit peckish while listening to music you could always eat a meal while a circus cabaret is being performed around you at the Zebra de Belleville, or perhaps you could enjoy magic shows while having a drink at the Double Fond, or Salsa music is more for your taste at the Brasil Tropical with entertainment and Brazilian cuisine as well.

Additionally you can find open air jazz concerts and music festivals every year which are held in Paris, as well as the Stade de France just near outside of Paris near the St Denis area which plays host to many musicians throughout the world who come here.

If you class entertainment as more of a casino or horse racing tracks and wish to try your luck then you can head to Longchamp to place a bet. Or perhaps you could head to Paris as there is an event going on such as the Tour de France at Champ Elysees, Bastille Day celebrations or when Paris even has its own beaches known as the Paris Plages and activities such as a floating swimming pool on the River seine.

But just like any city there are also many night clubs and other venues we could never mention them all. So onto the next section we bring is eating out in Paris and French Cuisine.

Obvious throughout the city of Paris there are many different cafes and tea rooms which you can stop at while looking around, yet a couple of the more famous ones may come to mind such as the Laduree and Angelina’s.

Yet one thing France is famous for is the French cuisine, and with so many restaurants in Paris it’s almost too hard to choose where to go, but luckily they can also cater for people with all various budgets such as the luxurious Michelin starred restaurants like the well known Tour d’Argent or the Grand Vefour, through to cafes like the Hard Rock Café.

Other restaurants have a more focused setting such as the Jules Verne restaurant within the Eiffel Tower or the Train Bleu above the Gare de Lyon railway station. Or if you prefer to have a more unusual experience you can visit restaurants such as the Au Pied de Cochon which has never closed in over 40 years, the Ice Kube bar and restaurant made from ice or even Cristina’s Tapas which is found in a vaulted basement.

But along those lines there are also many different international cuisines to suit all different cultures, like The Frog and Rosbif for English food, a Danish restaurant named Flora Danica, Italian cuisine at Mor Venice Bar to Brazilian cuisine served at Barraceo there is something which you can find so you do not go hungry!

These are just some of the amazing monuments, museums, restaurants, day trips, and places to visit while on holiday in Paris meaning you are sure to have a lot of things you wish to do, so make sure you plan carefully before you even start heading towards the famous city in France.