Gilded fountains in Paris

Even at the centre of a busy city like Paris you can find incredible gilded water fountains to admire, with these found at Place de la Concorde – see more of that here



Square, fountain and Notre Dame

The solution to our Sunday Teaser was Square Jean XXIII, at the back of the Notre Dame Cathedral with the Fountain of the Virgin also seen in the garden.

No one caught onto it this week but better luck for next week!

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square_jean-xxiii_m13_DSC01180-2 s.JPG

Fontaine des Fleuves

The Answer to our latest Sunday Teaser – A fountain named Fontaine des Fleuves at Place de la Concorde in Paris, surrounded by many details and sculptures.
A very big congratulations to nataliescarberry for getting not only the correct place but also the exact name of the fountain this week!
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