Modern settings of bridge and buildings

The Viaduc d’Austerlitz, showing a more modern bridge in Paris, wit ha backdrop of glass buildings within the city.

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viaduc_d_austerlitz_m14_DSC09827 s



Modern cascading waterfalls

Multiple modern cascading waterfalls which are within Parc de la Villette, Paris, with benches to sit down and enjoy the tranquillity.

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parc_de_la_villette_m14_DSC08820 s.JPG

Modern memorial near to the Eiffel

The answer for our Sunday Teaser was a modern monument “Memorial National de la Guerre d’Algerie” near to the Eiffel Tower, in memory of those who fought in the Algerian war and in Morocco and Tunisia.

No one had a guess this week but better luck for next time!

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memorial_national_de_la_guerre_d_algerie_m13_DSC06252 s.JPG