350 years for Les Invalides

This year, Les Invalides is celebrating 350 years. With the Tomb of Napoleon I, and multiple museums within to explore, this location is also worth admiring the outside architecture too with the Eglise du Dome and courtyard with historical cannons.
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Cite des Sciences reopening

Another place accepting pre-booked visitors is Cite des Sciences, a fun museum for all, based around science and industry, featuring exhibits from a Planetarium, space and sound through to light exhibitions, plus an aquarium and more. Learn what else is on offer and see a building plan here

Coronavirus and Paris

With the latest news from Coronavirus, the French Government has banned public gatherings of more than 1,000 people.
This has affected multiple events, museums etc. Including: Louvre Museum, Cite des Sciences, Opera Bastille, the France v Ireland IV nations and Paris Half-marathon to name a few.
Please check out the following site for further information on cancellations or postponed dates. https://en.parisinfo.com/practical-paris/info/guides/info-disruption-paris

The Tour Montparnasse Tower has great views and the highest restaurant in Europe

The Tour Montparnasse is more of a modern tourist attraction in Paris which has attracted both love and hate being a sky scraper in Paris, people seeking it out for the fabulous views it provides across the city and others for disliking the idea of having a skyscraper across the height of Paris.

In fact the tower is also known as Tour Maine-Montparnasse, but more commonly called the Tour Montparnasse, or Montparnasse Tower, and stands as the only skyscraper in Paris at a height of over 200 metres.

The Montparnasse Tower was built above the Metro and various underground lines meaning it had to be reinforced much more. With 56 concrete reinforced concrete pillars which go down in the ground for over 60 meters to help for this very reason.

Another impressive feat is that the Tour Montparnasse weighs 150,000 tons, and has a total of 59 floors including 6 underground floors, with a facade of 40,000 metres it can also measure in at an even more impressive amount of windows, which is at 7,200 glass windows.

There are also 5 freight lifts and another 25 lifts within the buildings to take you between floors. And one of the lifts is one of the fastest lifts in the world, taking you up to the 56th floor in only 38 seconds and manages to reach speeds of 60km per hour while it is climbing up.

The 56th floor, known as the Panoramic floor is accessible to tourists from everywhere, giving you an amazing view over the city of Paris of the many monuments in Paris.

The floor is protected from the elements such as wind and rain and gives you a comfortable place to obverse the city and have a 360 degree view all around while staying warm with heating during winter and cool with air conditioning in the summer months.

On the floor there is additionally a Visitor Centre with a permanent exhibition of 185 photos archived of Paris being displayed gallery type style along the walls. Not forgetting the interactive panels where you can learn more about some of the famous landmarks in Paris which you can see while looking out towards them.

On top of that there are also interactive quizzes and markers in various languages which provide details and more on the different tourist attractions in Paris and places you can visit, even on the bridges over the River Seine and other more famous monuments.

If you wish to go some steps higher you can take the stairs to the 59th floor where you can have a look around on the outside platform which is perfect on a nice day to allow you to see all around Paris with an incredible view, which is the highest platform in Paris.

Back to the 56th floor there is a souvenir shop where you can find and buy many books, mementos and more while you are on holiday in Paris. Or if you wish for a quick bite to eat you can visit the cafe in Paris, called the 360 Cafe where they serve all kinds of snacks and drinks for you to relax.

Or if you are one to enjoy more fine dining than a quick snack you can book a table to enjoy some French cuisine in Paris at Ciel de Paris at Tour Montparnasse. This restaurant in Paris is the highest restaurant in Europe which supplies gourmet French cuisine and with fantastic panoramic views you can enjoy your meal even more, especially during the evening when the city is lit up with amazing lights.

Also throughout the tower there are different orientation tables so you can find and view different tourist attractions in Paris no matter where you are, such as to the west the Eiffel Tower is best seen from the 2nd and 3rd floors.

To the north you can find Les Invalides which features three different museums within it and the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte I, or further ahead you have the Sacre Coeur Basilica and on a good day you can even see the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in the distance.

In the easterly direction there is the well known Montparnasse Cemetery, Place de la Bastille with the July Column and again further away is the Bois de Vincennes.

But of course there are many monuments in Paris which are noticeable when looking out, including the Arc de Triomphe along the famous Champs Elysees Avenue, The Louvre Museum and much more.

Access to the 56th floor for tourists is open every day of the year from 9:30am to 10:30pm, and for an extra hours from between April and September until 11:30pm, allowing you to take advantage of a splendid day and the night time look at the fantastic lights that cover the tourist attractions in Paris.

With very affordable costs the panoramic view is one not to be missed. Whether you go with some family or friends or pre-book to take advantage of a guided visit, you are sure to enjoy your time while on holiday in Paris.

Les Invalides with the Tomb of Napoleon and its impressive museums in Paris

The Hotel National des Invalides is perhaps more well known as simply Les Invalides, and is just one of the many great monuments in Paris which you can find around. Originally thought of in 1670 by King Louis XIV for a place to hold war veterans which were no longer able to fight for the country.

This place is a fantastic place to go to if you are interested in history, and especially military history in particular, with a very rich history of Les Invalides but also having the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte I as well.


To expand on the Tomb of Napoleon, as most people know who Napoleon is, and was, a major part of history and still is, being taught throughout schools of his influence throughout French military history. And some twenty years after the man’s death his remains were brought upstream along the River Seine to Paris.

Once his remains were there he had a state funeral which ventured through Paris and paused briefly at the Arc de Triomphe which was built to the commands of himself, from there it went down the Champs Elysees avenue and eventually to the Hotel des Invalides, where he now rests within the military building and the Eglise du Dome church.

But incredible architecture, church and Tomb of Napoleon is not all that this tourist attractions in Paris has to offer.

In fact it can boast that it has the largest single collection and complex in comparison to any other monument throughout the capital city, most well known for the military exhibitions but also an amazing three different museums you can visit, as well as the unique collections held at the Hotel National des Invalides.

To begin you firstly have the Musee des Plans Reliefs which is a museum dedicated to three dimensional models of forts, towns and regions of France produced by the military.

Incredibly there are only 100 of these models in existence now and with some of them held at the Beau-Arts Museum in the region Nord Pas de Calais, yet most of them are held at Les Invalides since the 1700’s when they were moved from the Louvre Museum.

The large scale models on display have become a great insight for architectural history to see how it was in the past to how things have changed since then, some of the model plans dating back to 1668, making for a very intriguing collection.

Another museum, the Musee de l’Ordre de la Liberation is a French museum in Paris dedicated to those who came together during World War II at the core of the Resistance movement.

Musee de l’Ordre de la Liberation focuses on many different documents, letters, postcards, souvenirs, personal letters, artefacts and even uniforms which were used during the war. The museum is split down into three sections; Free France gallery, Resistance and Hall of Honour which is dedicated to General de Gaulle. Making this museum another interesting yet intriguing place to visit to understand the war and what those times were like.

The third museum is no other than the well known Musee de l’Armee which is one of the more conclusive and amazing military history museums in the world with exhibitions featuring everything right back to the Middle Ages.

Holding various types of armour, arms, uniforms and much more, anyone with a slight interest should have the Musee de l’Armee army museum as one on their list to visit. But not forgetting the cannons from the French artillery, hunting weapons, firearms, knives and much more to be impressed with when you visit while on holiday in Paris.

But even if the museum holds the third largest collection of antique armour in the world it is still very interactive with touch screens to hand and a whole section with commentaries related to Charles de Gaulle.

In addition to all of that there is also a theatre at Les Invalides which projects a whole century, starting from the Edwardian period through to the pop years which include many famous and loved people including that of Charlie Chaplin. As well as having audio guides in eight different languages.

The Hotel National des Invalides is open every day except for the first Monday in a month and the interactive area with Charles de Gaulle is also closed each Monday, as well as obviously being closed for national French holidays. Les Invalides opens from 10am through to 5pm, and during the summer months of April to the end of September it has an extra hour until 6pm.

The ticket office being found near the south entrance near the Eglise du Dome and the Tomb of Napoleon as well as at the north entrance near Cour d’Honneur which is also noticeable by the cannons.

A ticket allows you to see everything as said above as well as the chance to visit the gift shop, a book shop with many various books to chose from, a cafeteria if you want a break and the free audio guide provided for the interactive section when you visit this monument in Paris and its museums while on holiday in Paris, making a very informational yet interesting tourist attraction to visit.

The Palais Garnier Opera House in Paris with its museum, tours and performances

The Palais Garnier, also known as the Opera Garnier is the 13th theatre to house the Paris Opera since it was founded in the late 1660’s by King Louis XIV, and this particular opera house was built by the orders of Napoleon III to be part of the great Parisian reconstruction project, the building being named after the architect Charles Garnier.

The Palais Garnier was inaugurated in 1875 on 5th January after taking a full 15 years to complete. Today now it is known by various different names from the Opera National de Paris, the Palais Garnier and finally, Opera Garnier. Nowadays the main focus is ballet performances as other operas are performed in the newer Paris Opera House of the Opera Bastille.

The Opera Garnier was renovated in 2000, making the main facade impressive to look at just as if it was from the 19th century again with its many rich colours and golden statue work.

Yet one of the most well known features of this tourist attraction has to be the Grand Staircase, that was made in various colours of marble and features two bronze statues at the bottom, and if you look up you can see four differing sections of the beautiful painted ceiling.

The staircase is an impressive 30 metres and leads to different areas such as the different levels of the auditorium, the foyers and to the Rotonde de l’Empereur which has a library within and the Musee de l’Opera museum. But because the Palais Garnier was never finished before the Empire fell and Napoleon died you can still find the Rotonde de l’Empereur was never completed and you can see the dressed blocks of stone which are original from the 1870’s!

In addition you also have the large and amazingly decorated foyers which give the audience areas to walk in during performance breaks and the vault of the Avant foyer is incredibly covered with numerous mosaics on a gold background to bring out the vivid colours, not forgetting the view of the Grand Staircase either.

Charles Garnier aimed for the Grand Foyer to look like the gallery of a typical classic chateau, which makes this impressive tourist attractions in Paris feature a large grand foyer size of 18 meters high, 54 meters long and 13 meters wide. As well as being fully restored in 2004 with its windows and mirrors and amazing ceiling paints done by the artist Paul Jacques-Aime Baudry, it creates a very unique and impressive atmosphere.

Also there is a sculpture made by Carpeaux of Charles Garnier’s bust that stands in the centre of the foyer towards one of the windows which faces the Avenue de l’Opéra and the incredible Musee du Louvre museum.

One room, The Salon du Glacier, has a very 1900s feel to it with a remarkable ceiling painting made by Georges Jules-Victor Clairin and tapestries showing different drinks such as tea, coffee through to hunting and fishing.

The theatre itself, or auditorium if you prefer, is vastly decorated with reds and golds in a typical Italian-style horse shoe shape. Featuring over 1,900 red velvet seats and lit by an incredible chandelier which weighs in at 8 tonnes!

The stage is an amazing size, with a total of 60 meters high, which includes 15 meters under-stage area as well as a 45 meter fly tower!

Since 2011 there has also been a restaurant here, named L’Opera, which was constructed behind glass and between columns to not damage any of the original architecture of the Opera Garnier.

The Opera Garnier is obvious still a functioning and running theatre, allowing you to book tickets for shows aimed more at children on their website but you can also find that some of the tours in Paris offer package deals to this opera house in Paris.

Although if you are not so interested in seeing a performance you can always take a tour around the opera house. On normal days you can visit from 10am through to 5pm, allowing you to take a look at some of the amazing architecture from the Grand Staircase, auditorium, elegant ceiling paints, Grand Foyer and much more.

But you can also see the Opera Museum known as the Bibliotheque-Musee de L’Opera National de Paris where you can find all kinds of history of this opera in Paris as well as old costumes, stage sets and much more. The cost of a ticket to visit is €9 or for under 25s €6 and is free to those under the age of 10.

There is also a chance of taking a guided tour around the Opera theatre in either French or English which lasts around 90 minutes, giving you a visit for the theatre and the history of the Palais Garnier, the architecture and more.

Although you can also gain access to Musee Gustave Moreau and the Musee d’Orsay at a reduced rate if you keep your ticket on hand and present this at the ticket sales counter, for one of these other two very interesting museums in Paris.

This makes the Palais Garnier a very interesting and fascinating Opera house and theatre to visit while on holiday in Paris, whether you want to simply admire the building, paintings and elegance or watch a performance, it can all be done with ease.

Some unusual facts and what tourist attractions to discover on the River Seine in Paris

From the first glance the River Seine in Paris may just look like a plain river which runs through Paris, but it happens to be much more than just that, having turned into a major tourist attraction and a landmark with many fantastic bridges, two islands within it and much more.

The River Seine has always been a major and prominent river even before the City came to life. Dating right back to when the first Parisii tribes settled their fishing villages close to the river as well as when the roman Empire took over the river for the reason it had become a highly valued commercial waterway.

Yet surprisingly the river is only around 24 meters above sea level and in places only 8 meters deep, making it a slow flowing river which is also easily navigated, and even to this day provides Paris with water.

The river divides the city into two; known as the typical left and the right. The settlers first stayed around the Right Bank but it wasn’t until the Roman Empire times that Paris had started to grow and eventually expanded to the Left Bank as well.

To identify the different sides you can look downstream at the river to see that the side on the left bank is left and the same for the right, making it easy to understand no matter where you are in the city for this reason.

Where the river forks within Paris, it has a couple islands at the middle, which is known as Ile Saint Louis and the other being Ile de la Cite, which is also known as the very centre point of the City of Paris.

On the left hand side of the river you can find many famous and often visited landmarks in Paris, including the Musee d’Orsay located in an old railway station and famous Eiffel Tower along with other landmarks such as the Les Invalides with the Tomb of Napoleon.

On the other side of the River Seine you can see the most famous of all museums in Paris, which was a former palace called The Louvre, as well as the incredible Champs Elysees avenue, the Sacre Coeur Basilica in the distance and more.

Although, there are many impressive monuments in Paris which are found right beside the river, including on the Ile de Cite island where you can find the La Conciergerie which was a palace which later turned into a prison during the French Revolution as well at the amazing Notre Dame Cathedral on the same island.

In fact despite the river you can easily cross it with 32 bridges going across the River Seine to access the other side as well as the monuments, whether it be while on bus tours like l’Open Tour or via foot on a bridge such as the Pond des Arts or by the oldest bridge named Pont Neuf, which can also be spotted in various films over the years.

Quays along the river bank are also easy to find and get to, with walkways and cycle paths as well as picnic areas and the possibility to sunbathe on a nice day where you can find many great spots. Or if you prefer you can jump onto a canal trip or boat trip along the river.

As it can be seen there are many things to do along the River Seine, not forgetting there is also a Batobus which is a bus that stops along the water at various Quays so you can find some of the major tourist attractions in Paris along the water.

Cruises along the water route is also a favourite tourist attraction, and one tour firm which happens to be one of the oldest, Bateaux Mouches, can provide dinner cruises on traditional boats and others which can offer different river tours in Paris ranging from gourmet French cuisine or even longer trips which can be from Paris to Le Havre and travelling on the Eurostar to return to Paris.

A couple of places you can visit on the River Seine include the Chinese Junk called the Lady of Canton formally known as the Cabaret Pirate which hosts shows and concerts for all ages, as well as another place for night entertainment and DJs is at an old lighthouse boat called the Batofar.

Or for something different you can take the chance to go swimming. Not in the River but on it instead where you can find a barge moored to the side where Piscine Josephine Baker is, allowing you to have a swim all year around which has a cover for days that are not as pleasant.

The Paris Plage was the original reason why the swimming pool was made, and the Paris Plages itself are a major highlight during August where a part of the banks are turned into beaches with tonnes of sand, palm trees, numerous activities, deckchairs and more. Ideal for any age to go and relax, let the children build sandcastles, do some sports or perhaps catch a bit of a tan and these have become another of the major tourist attractions in Paris for both residents and people on holiday in Paris.

Now for something a little different, as here are some unusual facts about the River Seine which you may not have known.

The river begins just outside of Dijon within the Burgundy region and then travels north west through Troyes, followed by eventually getting to Paris.

The river is in fact the second longest river in France with a total length of 776km, with the mouth of the river at the English Channel between both Haute Normandie and Basse Normandie where the river ends.

Many ocean worthy ships can travel through the River Seine from the English Channel right towards Rouen. Although commercial river boats can head further to roughly 560km from the mouth.

Originally, the water level of the Seine used to fluctuate quite a lot, but since the 1800’s locks were installed to be able to combat this problem and since then the water levels have been closely watched to try and prevent major floods like in the past.

From between Rouen and to the mouth of the river Oise there are four locks to help, with an additional two locks at Suresnes which lift the commercial vessels and other boats up to the water level of Paris.

As it was said before, trading via the river was very popular, and for this reason it was also linked by canals to the River Loire, River Rhone and the River Rhine which aided in making the trading business even more prolific.

But these are just some of the incredible little tidbits you can find on the River Seine, meaning it is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself if you decide to go on holiday in Paris.

Ideas and tourist attractions to visit for a memorable holiday in Paris

Taking a holiday in Paris is both popular and amazing but not surprisingly, with over 30 million tourists yearly and with a full array of culture, entertainment, history and all of the spectacular monuments in Paris, the city also being known as The City of Lights, there is something to suit everyone’s interest from all around the world.

For this reason Paris is a great place to experience a special occasion form anything such as a birthday right through to an engagement or a romantic getaway. And even better, if you do not have the time to plan there are companies which offer specially made packages for you, even ranging to having a wedding in Paris.

But even with those, the city can also be great for all ages, meaning it can be perfect for a family holiday in Paris, with varying hotels in Paris, and even campsites which can have many numerous activities on them also within the Ile de France region meaning it can be suitable for children of any age.

Also there are very many tourist attractions in Paris such as the chateaux, to name a few include Varsailles, Thoiry and Chantilly, as well as the more well known theme parks like Disneyland Paris and Park Asterix.

But focusing back on Paris, lets point out just some of the fantastic reasons this capital is an international location for holidays and more.

To begin, there are many amazing and thought provoking landmarks in Paris which can catch your attention. And obviously the most well known one would be the Eiffel Tower which is now the icon of Paris, and even more extravagant up close and personal, but you can’t forget the fantastic lights which illuminate the landmark at night. Although for a more romantic break you can take a trip to the champagne bar or a meal at the Jules Verne restaurant which are within the Eiffel Tower itself. But if that is not your plan, you can also find out more about the history of the landmark, or even take advantage of some of the special events they hold, such as an ice skating rink which is set up in winter.

Other well known monuments and landmarks in Paris cover from the Arc de Triomphe which holds the eternal flame and the tomb of the unknown soldier, being the second largest triumphal arch in the world, which honours the people who fought for France, along with the more modern and recent Grand Arche within the business district which is more cube-like and is made from glass and marble, which also provides great views and an exhibition centre at the roof.

In addition you also have the Notre Dame Cathedral which is along the River Seine with an impressive Gothic architecture, gargoyles, the tour of the tower with its bells, stained glass windows and even the flying buttress supports which was one of the first buildings to ever use this type of design.

With the theme of religious buildings you have the spectacular Sacre Coeur Basilica which is a place located at the highest point in the city, but there is a funicular, or cable car if you wish to call it that, so you can get there without the long walk to the top. There is also the Grand Mosquee which is both the first and largest mosque built in France, it was in fact constructed in commemoration for those who fought in the Battle of Verdun during World War I.

Or if you rather you can take a trip to the Place de la Concorde which is the largest square in Paris but also is home to the oldest monument within Paris known as the Luxor Obelisk, and even if it did not originate from Paris this tourist attraction is now over 3000 years old!

Not forgetting the many other monuments and attractions to see and visit around the city while on holiday in Paris, including Les Invalides with Napoleon’s tomb and the Conciergerie which was the oldest palace in Paris which turned to a prison, and the Pantheon which is now a famous burial place.

Not forgetting the Catacombes which is another famous burial place with subterranean tunnels beneath the city along with Pere Lechaise cemetery where many famous people have been buried such as Edith Piaf and Honore Balzac which you can visit for something more unusual to experience.

Although if you want something more light hearted you can easily take a walk along the Champs Elysees which is most likely the most famous avenue within the world where you can find along the beautifully tree lined avenue, shops, cafes and more no matter what time of year you visit, especially during the festive season where you can find the avenue lit up with various decorations and lights.

Another option is if you want to take a cruise along the River Seine which goes through Paris where you can find guided tours and even romantic dinners on the traditional Bateau Mouches. Which also offers you to find and see many famous tourist attractions from a completely different perspective.

Not forgetting the Bastille Square which is known for the storming of the Bastille with another monument in Paris to commemorate the Revolution of France, but also here you can find an opera house and a part of Canal Saint Martin. And not too far from the square you can find there is a pleasure boat marina, which is another great way to spend a relaxing time while on holiday.

On the note of water then Aquaboulvard cannot be forgotten, being the largest water park in Europe with a design of tropical surroundings, wave pools, Jacuzzis, flumes and much more from cinemas, sports training facilities, restaurants and much more for everyone to enjoy.

Another incredible tourist attraction is Cite de Sciences which offers many activities from the planetarium, interactive displays, a techno area designed for teenagers, simulators, the Geode which is a 1000m screen to watch and view many things to the decommissioned submarine named the Argonaute which is outside for you to explore, to make an enjoyable trip for all ages.

Another way to see many more things around Paris is taking a tour on the l’Open Tour which is a fantastic way of seeing many tourist attractions around Paris that you may not have the time, or even know they are there! With additional headphones which the tour busses provide free to give commentary in an array of languages, means you can learn even more while travelling through, even if you are on a tight schedule.

Additionally, you cannot forget just some of the museums which are well known, and sometimes not so well known throughout Paris, with a whole variety of subjects there is something for anyone to enjoy.

To start off with the museums, one of the more famous ones would be The Louvre Museum which is best known for holding the Mona Lisa paining along with well known artists like Picasso, Raphael and more.

The Musee d’Orsay which follows on from where The Louvre stops is another impressive museum in Paris, but if you are into more modern sculptures and art perhaps the Pompidou Centre is more fitting to your tastes. But there are also many houses and mansions which have been changed into museums, including but not limited to the Maison de Balzac, the Victor Hugo museum, or Musee Cernuschi which holds Chinese and Japanese art.

Although if you are more to prefer finding about the history of Paris, then going to the Carnavalet museum is a must. Or if you love the architecture of Paris then there is also a museum for just that, although for something completely different, there is a museum dedicated to the Paris sewer system called Musee des Egouts.

And to continue with the theme of unusual things you can visit there is also a perfume museum, a doll museum called the Musee de la Poupee as well as a counterfeit museum to display well made copies called the Musee Contrefacon but also not forgetting others like the Musee du Vin which is dedicated to French wines which is another thing France is famous for.

But while on holiday in Paris there is more than just museums and monuments, as you can take discover some of the entertainment and music which you can find around no matter what time of year it is.

If you wish you can find and see some ballet or an opera show at the Opera Garnier, or if you prefer different cabaret shows and places such as Paradis Latin which is one of the oldest cabarets in the world, The Lido or the famous Moulin Rouge.

For something completely unusual you can head towards the Lady of Canton Chinese Junk which has entertainment ranging from children’s shows, DJ nights, evening music as well as themed nights such as blues, jazz etc. Another music venue which is on a boat permanently moored along the River Seine is the Batofar where you can discover internationally recognised DJs playing there.

If you feel a bit peckish while listening to music you could always eat a meal while a circus cabaret is being performed around you at the Zebra de Belleville, or perhaps you could enjoy magic shows while having a drink at the Double Fond, or Salsa music is more for your taste at the Brasil Tropical with entertainment and Brazilian cuisine as well.

Additionally you can find open air jazz concerts and music festivals every year which are held in Paris, as well as the Stade de France just near outside of Paris near the St Denis area which plays host to many musicians throughout the world who come here.

If you class entertainment as more of a casino or horse racing tracks and wish to try your luck then you can head to Longchamp to place a bet. Or perhaps you could head to Paris as there is an event going on such as the Tour de France at Champ Elysees, Bastille Day celebrations or when Paris even has its own beaches known as the Paris Plages and activities such as a floating swimming pool on the River seine.

But just like any city there are also many night clubs and other venues we could never mention them all. So onto the next section we bring is eating out in Paris and French Cuisine.

Obvious throughout the city of Paris there are many different cafes and tea rooms which you can stop at while looking around, yet a couple of the more famous ones may come to mind such as the Laduree and Angelina’s.

Yet one thing France is famous for is the French cuisine, and with so many restaurants in Paris it’s almost too hard to choose where to go, but luckily they can also cater for people with all various budgets such as the luxurious Michelin starred restaurants like the well known Tour d’Argent or the Grand Vefour, through to cafes like the Hard Rock Café.

Other restaurants have a more focused setting such as the Jules Verne restaurant within the Eiffel Tower or the Train Bleu above the Gare de Lyon railway station. Or if you prefer to have a more unusual experience you can visit restaurants such as the Au Pied de Cochon which has never closed in over 40 years, the Ice Kube bar and restaurant made from ice or even Cristina’s Tapas which is found in a vaulted basement.

But along those lines there are also many different international cuisines to suit all different cultures, like The Frog and Rosbif for English food, a Danish restaurant named Flora Danica, Italian cuisine at Mor Venice Bar to Brazilian cuisine served at Barraceo there is something which you can find so you do not go hungry!

These are just some of the amazing monuments, museums, restaurants, day trips, and places to visit while on holiday in Paris meaning you are sure to have a lot of things you wish to do, so make sure you plan carefully before you even start heading towards the famous city in France.