Statue detail of the Arc de Triomphe

28 Jul

Close up detail of La Resistance de 1814, on the Arc de Triomphe, Paris.

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arc_de_triomphe_m13_DSC02442 s

Busy street down Bercy Village

27 Jul

A view down a busy street of Bercy Village, popular with locals and tourists alike.

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bercy_village_m14_DSC00946 s

Relaxing at Champs Elysees hidden gardens

26 Jul

Hidden gardens of the Champs Elysees Avenue, perfect for tourists to stop and relax at.

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avenue_des_champs_elysees_k23_DSC03693 s

Elevated view of Notre Dame

25 Jul

The answer to the Sunday Teaser which sadly no one guessed – an elevated view of the front entrances to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

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notre_dame_m13_DSC01013 s

Sunday Teaser

23 Jul

This week’s Sunday Teaser – Tell us what you think it might be in the comments – You’ll earn a shoutout if you have the correct answer! Come back Monday to see the full image and place.

Teaser 2016 07 24th

Looking over to the Geode

22 Jul

Looking over the open grass you get a feeling for just how large the reflective Geode Cinema actually is.

More photos to be seen at

geode_k14_DSC05671 s

The Seine through Paris

21 Jul

Looking over the River Seine towards Pont de la Concorde as the river navigates Paris.

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river_seine_m13_DSC02987 s


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