Corner of Hotel de Ville

28 Apr

Looking towards the South West corner you can see the numerous details and statues which cover the Hotel de Ville in Paris.

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Corner of Hotel de Ville

Place de l’Hotel de Ville square

28 Apr

This photo shows the Place de l’Hotel de Ville just outside of the city hall with its unique sculpture and fountains.

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Place de l’Hotel de Ville square

Quiet open areas of Square Barye

27 Apr

Square Barye is at the tip of the Ile Saint Louis island and is a quiet square with a lot of greenery and great views to relax in.

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Quiet open areas of Square Barye

Antoine Louis Barye monument

27 Apr

This monument is dedicated to Antoine Louis Barye within the square by the same name, Square Barye, showing sculptures as well as the greenery around it.

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Antoine Louis Barye monument

Pont du Carrousel view

24 Apr

Taken from the Pont du Carrousel you can see the great view of the River Seine and to the Pont des Arts bridge ahead.

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Pont du Carrousel view

Floating hospital on the River Seine

24 Apr

Looking towards Port de la Rapee this shows a floating hospital for psychiatric patients, both unusual and unique to see along the banks of the River Seine!

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Floating hospital on the River Seine

Golden statue of Fame and Pegasus

23 Apr

This is a close-up of one of four statues on the Pont Alexandre which depict Pegasus held by Fame on top of one of the four pillars of the bridge.

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Golden statue of Fame and Pegasus


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