Traditional Metropolitain entrance

27 May

A traditional sign and entrance to the Palais Royal – Musee du Louvre metropolitain stop.

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paris_city_life_m15_DSC09943 s

Fiesole bronze sculpture

26 May

Created by Sorel Etrog in bronze this sculpture is named Fiesole, standing within the Open Air museum.

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musee_de_la_sculpture_en_plein_air_m14_DSC09521 s

Roof over Hall 1

25 May

Historical roof covering Gare de Lyon’s station platforms within Hall 1.

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gare_de_lyon_m14_DSC01207 s

Modern l’OpenTour bus

24 May

One of the newer models of the l’OpenTour buses with its curved front.

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l_opentour_buses_m13_DSC01813 s

Monument to Lafayette

23 May

A bronze monument dedicated to Lafayette, standing at over 6 meters in height.

Other views and details;

statues_in_paris_m15_DSC06952 s

Port de l’Arsenal and Opera Bastille

20 May

View over Port de l’Arsenal with the Opera Bastille standing behind.

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port_de_l_arsenal_m14_DSC09220 s

Panoramic of Petit Palais

19 May

Panoramic showing the full front of the Petit Palais – Be sure to zoom in to see the details!

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petit_palais_k15_DSC30000FP s


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