Sunday Teaser

29 Nov

This week’s Sunday Teaser – Tell us what you think it might be in the comments – You’ll earn a shoutout if you have the correct answer! Come back tomorrow to see the full image and place.

Teaser 2015 11 29th

Metro entrance and other signs

27 Nov

A look over the city life and view, with multiple signs pointing to nearby places near the Trocadero Metro entrance.

More photos to be seen at

paris_metro_b13_DSC00472 s

Bercy Village

27 Nov

Looking down Bercy village, with many locals and tourists alike enjoying the atmosphere and multiple cafes.

To see more go to

bercy_village_m14_DSC00814 s

Temporary amusements within Tuileries

26 Nov

One of the temporary tourist attractions found within the Tuileries Gardens during the warmer months.

You may be interested in more;

tuileries_gardens_m13_DSC03526 s

Bridge over the lake and nature

26 Nov

A footbridge passing over the lake that is part of Agence Parisienne du Climat, with fish, turtles and more.

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agence_parisienne_du_climat_m14_DSC00774 s

Panelling on the Pont des Arts

25 Nov

These pink panels, which are different to the other side, were created by the street artist El Seed with a quote in Arabic by the poet Honore de Balzac.

See more

pont_des_arts_m15_DSC09558FP s

Edouard Branly statue within Jardin du Luxembourg

25 Nov

Found within Jardin du Luxembourg, this monument is of Edouard Branly, sculptured by Charles Sarrabezolles.

Want to learn more? Go to

statues_in_paris_m15_DSC05268 s


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