Pattern of the Arc de Triomphe

16 Jan

Taken from under the Arc de Triomphe, this is the pattern on the arch as you look directly up.

Congratulations to nataliescarberry for getting the answer correct and with incredible detail as well!

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Sunday Teaser

14 Jan

This is a bit more of a difficult one this week but can be found on one of the famous tourist attractions of Paris – where do you think this is? Come back on Monday for the answer and full photo!


View of Trompe l’oeil

13 Jan

An alternate view of the exhibition named Trompe l’oeil, that was placed upon the Louvre Pyramid to make it “disappear” when looking from the right position.

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God of music statue

12 Jan

This statue of Apollo, the God of Music was created in 1714, by artist Nicolas Coustou, now found within the Tuileries Gardens.

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Q boat from James Bond

11 Jan

The iconic Q boat that featured within The World Is Not Enough, that was part of the James Bond exhibition

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View alongside Canal de l’Ourcq

10 Jan

Looking down alongside the Canal de l’Ourcq, offering great views while walking along or taking a break.

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Gargoyle of the Notre Dame Cathedral

9 Jan

The answer to our Sunday Teaser – Found on the Notre Dame de Paris, this is a gargoyle – normally going unnoticed by visitors – created as both decoration and to serve a useful purpose.
Congrats to nataliescarberry for getting the correct answer another time!
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