Eugene Delacroix monument

28 Sep

A unique and detailed moment dedicated to Eugene Delacroix, created by the artist Aime Jules Dalou.

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Bee hives at Jardin du Luxembourg

27 Sep

A close up view of bees entering the apiary within Luxembourg Gardens, helping to preserve the bees.

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Golden statue and quadriga

26 Sep

The answer to our Sunday Teaser – A view of the Grand Palais, with a quadriga statue group on a corner and a golden statue of the Pont Alexandre III.

Congrats to both nataliescarberry and Alison for getting the right answer!

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Sunday Teaser

24 Sep

Another Sunday Teaser – Comment where you think this is – Full image to be shared on Monday along with correct guesses – Good luck!


Pavillon Davioud

23 Sep

The historical Pavillon Davioud within Jardin du Luxembourg which is now an Apiary school.

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Polythemus Surprising Acis and Galatea

22 Sep

Part of the Fontaine Medicis, Polythemus Surprising Acis and Galatea makes for a fantastic central piece to admire.

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Palais de Luxembourg and grand basin

21 Sep

View over grand basin towards the Palais du Luxembourg which both sit within the gardens.

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