People relaxing in the square

27 Mar

Square du Vert Galant is a picturesque and calm square, where many people go to relax away from the busy city life.

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People relaxing in the square

Relaxing in Square du Vert Galant

27 Mar

Here you can see a picture of the Square du Vert Galant, a great place to relax or even have a nap surrounded by trees and the River Seine.

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Relaxing in Square du Vert Galant

Stalls along the path

26 Mar

In parts of Paris you can find many types of stalls and markets along the paths, perfect to anything from new clothes through to souvenirs.

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Stalls along the path

The front of the Notre Dame

26 Mar

This photo shows the many tourists and pilgrims to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, which sees over 30,000 visitors a day!

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The front of the Notre Dame

Pont des Arts over the River Seine

25 Mar

Here you can see the Pont des Arts, with people and couples walking along the bridge known as the Bridge of Love.

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Pont des Arts over the River Seine

View over the River and city

25 Mar

Here you can see a photo we took of the Pont Alexandre III along with the Eiffel Tower in the distance, showing the city life passing by with the incredible views.

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View over the River and city

Walkway through the Tuileries

24 Mar

Here you can see one of the central pathways of the Tuileries Garden, lined with numerous plants and greenery in an open area.

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Walkway through the Tuileries


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