Confidence – aka Love seat

Created in 1999 by Daniel Dezeuz this is known by two names – Confidence and Love Seat, based on the idea that two lovers could sit apart, yet still close and enclosed by the higher surrounding walls.

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One of four Pegasus held by Fame statues on Pont Alexandre III

The answer to out Sunday Teaser was one of the four Golden statues of Pegasus and Fame found on the Pont Alexandre III, this one specifically known as Renommee des Arts.

Congratulations to nataliescarberry for gaining the correct answer!

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La Paix (Peace) statue group

The answer to our Sunday Teaser was a group of statues located above the entrance to the Grand Palais, named Peace that were created by Henri Edouard Lombard.
Congratulations again to nataliescarberry for getting the correct location!
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